AMAGUK is a three-piece band based in Rotterdam. Created by three close friends motivated by they shared musical passion and their need of a new way of expression and experimentation. 

   They met in the Netherlands while studying at different conservatories and came together in early 2018. In a matter of weeks they began a musical journey that would led them to touring in Spain, Greece, UK and the Netherlands. In 2019 they managed to be selected the audience's favourite in the prestigious Erasmus Jazz Prize and awarded the best soloists of the competition. Influenced by artists such as Kneebody, Colin Stetson, and Reinier Baas their style is unequivocally personal and original drifting from the bottom of the rock guitar tradition to colourful avant-garde jazz. With them is difficult to make "sounds-like" references.

   Their unique bass-less formation and use of musical inventions has force them to compose and arrange in unconventional ways and turned them into a complete out-of-the-box group. The members see in music a vehicle to connect with other artists and artistic disciplines and often surprise the audience at their concerts with new collaborations.

   They have rapidly became a small family that works together managing the project with dedication and hard work. The band has announced the release of their first self-produced EP in September 2019.


Alba Gil Aceytuno was born and raised in Gran Canaria. She started playing timple (Canarian traditional stringed instrument) at the early age of 6, but at 8 she switched to saxophone inspired by a song of Extremoduro, a rock band which has been a strong influence for her. She finished the professional degree in classical saxophone at the conservatory of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2016. During that period, she started discovering and experimenting with modern and improvised music with her band Zumurrud (still in active) and other projects of different styles. She moved to the Netherlands that year to study the bachelor of jazz in The Hague. 

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Alex grew up in a small island in Greece called Aegina. At the age of 14, he got inspired from his pianist friend Yannis and started tapping on things to accompany him while improvising. He always had the urge to communicate the way he experiences the laws of nature but poetry or philosophy didn't work out for him. He ended up sticking with percussion as his ultimate vehicle of expression. Studying in Dutch conservatories made him realise he's a misfit in academia. That helped him find other misfits like Daniel Denis and Alba who he bonded with to create AMAGUK.

At the age of 10 Daniel Denis started taking piano lessons at a small music school in his hometown Madrid. At the age of 13 he would develop a passion for drawing and painting that would take him away from the music. It wasn't until the age of 17 when he started a deeper and more passionate relationship with music. This time with the electric guitar and the electric bass. At first, strongly influenced by bands such as The Who, Led Zeppelin, or Frank Zappa he would make his first steps with different bands from the capital. A growing love for jazz and world music would eventually make him leave Spain to study jazz in the Netherlands.

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The first single of the band "I've Got a Bug in My Ear" was released in June 2019 followed by their second single "Fresh Pistachios" a month later.

The music of AMAGUK is the result of a collective teamwork with constant interest in discovering and developing new skills, sounds, and ways of composing.

The band has announced the release of their first self-produced EP in September 2019.


28/7 Four Days in Aegina Festival
29/7 Tortuga Wine Bar, Aegina
30/7 The Pink House, Aegina
31/7 Tortuga Wine Bar, Aegina 

1/8 Svarna Aegina, Aegina

4/8 Kedros, Donousa

5/8 Moonbar, Amorgos

6/8 Skantzohiros, Donousa